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January 1 – September 1


Word-of mouth is one of the primary ways that families hear about Calvin Christian Schools. We would like to encourage this and are pleased to introduce the Family Referral / Incentive Program. This program awards a $500 tuition credit to any current Calvin Christian Schools (CCSs) family whose referral of a new family leads to the enrollment of their child(ren) in CCSs. The details are as follows:


• The program is open to all CCSs families (including grandparents) and CCSs employees.

• Referred families must be new to CCSs.

• There is no limit to the number of families that can be referred, but the tuition credit cannot exceed the referring family’s tuition fees. Once 100% of fees have been reached, the remaining incentive can be directed towards another family’s tuition/school fees, the Supplementary Fund, Capital Campaign or other programs within the schools.

• The tuition credit is per family referred, not per student.

• The referred family must follow the regular enrollment process – submission of an application, interview and approval by the Admissions Committee, and classroom placement for the student. The final decision for student acceptance rests with CCSs administration/board.

• The referred family’s enrollment must continue in good standing beyond September 30th.

• The referring family’s tuition will be credited at the end of the school term.

• If the referring family is not currently paying tuition to CCSs, or if they choose to do so, the incentive award can be directed towards another family’s tuition/school fees, the Supplementary Fund, Capital Campaign or other programs within the schools.

• The referring family must submit a ‘Family Referral / Incentive Form’ to the attention of Barb Dueck, Development Coordinator, prior to the referred family’s application form being submitted. Click here for a Student Referral Incentive Form or they are available at either campus office.

• Referrals may not be made retroactively.

• A tax receipt will not be issued for the incentive amount.

This program is in effect January 1  through September 1. Applications received on or before September 1 will be allowed to continue through the process.

• The Family Referral / Incentive Program may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of CCSs. CCSs reserves the right to change any and all information.

Please direct questions to:

Barb Dueck, dueckb@calvinchristian.mb.ca

John Siepman, siepmanjohn@calvinchristian.mb.ca

Hank Vande Kraats, vandekraatsh@calvinchristian.mb.ca

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Our theme speaks to the solid foundation of our school and the tremendous impact our students and graduates make as they “explore, experience and evaluate all of life under the Lordship of Christ.” As part of the banquet evening, we are excited to showcase our students by including projects that they have completed during this school year. Additionally, the evening will allow our guests to experience an “insider’s view” into CCSs rich history and promising future.