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The two greatest gifts parents can give their children are roots and wings. Calvin Christian Schools are more than just excellent academic environments – they are places where we as parents are blessed to find partners to help us provide these gifts to our kids. The schools’ faith-based orientation and the solid academic curriculum are significant contributors to our kids’ secure roots. At the same time the safe environment at Calvin Christian Schools provides a tremendous opportunity to encourage our kids’ to ‘stretch their wings’ – to explore a world of possibilities, to grow and mature in character, in relationships, in skill development and in faith.
We as parents are wholeheartedly and passionately committed to our kids. It is very clear that the staff at Calvin Christian Schools are equally invested in the kids with whom they share their days – far beyond what is required to merely “do their jobs”. Albert Einstein once said that “Education is what remains after one’s forgotten everything he learned in school.” The Staff at Calvin Christian Schools don’t just impart knowledge…they mentor and model, they provide practical wisdom, they engage with students even over personal dilemmas and difficult situations, they challenge students to strive and to see that they can reach beyond status quo and they champion and encourage our kids to be all that God intends them to be. Calvin Christian Schools don’t seek to shelter our kids from the difficulties of the real world, but rather to prepare them to face reality with a Biblical worldview – to be responsible and responsive to a suffering world, to be ‘difference makers’… THIS is the kind of “education” that will remain for a lifetime and transcends generations.

Sally Massey-Wiebe (parent)


Well, report cards came out yesterday and I have to say that while I realize the grading system and comments from teachers are meant to be more a reflection of how a child does academically, I am always surprised and encouraged when teachers take a few moments to talk specifically to my kiddo’s personality, character and her effect on others. Words like “integrity”, “kindness”, “desire to connect with people in a real, substantial way” to me mean more than any of the other comments combined. Yes, I want to know how my kid is doing at school as far as academics go but in this crazy world where selfies, judgment and negativity reign, to hear that she’s doing well as a human being, specifically in how she relates to others, is just as, or probably more, important. And those words will speak to her heart and help encourage her to continue being that person even as the world tries to tear her down.

So I guess this is a thank you to teachers everywhere. Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for not only preparing our kids for the world through academics but for seeing who our kids are as individuals and for coming alongside us as parents and building into them. You have my sincere appreciation

Sandra Guarino (parent)


Hello Mr. Algera,

I wanted to be sure to send a note of thanks to the teachers at Calvin.  It is remarkable how with each interview I heard such positive, helpful and most of all really accurate understandings of my son’s needs and the things that help him to succeed.  He is doing really well; growing in confidence, taking charge of his learning and getting better results.  I can see that he is starting to really believe that he can be a good student and that he has skills and gifts.  Though anxiety still gets in his way at times, he is continually growing in his ability to do what it takes to move past the worried and negative thinking that caused so much avoidance.

I am so thankful that we made the choice to put our son in your school.  You are providing a caring and responsive environment for him to grow in.

With gratitude to God and all of you,

Calvin Parent



If you’re like me…you notice a significant difference between simply dangling your feet in the pool verses jumping off of the diving board.  One method gives you the temperature of the pool in a manner that only affects a small part of you while the other is a complete immersion of your very being and allows you to fully experience what the pool has to offer!  In a way, that’s what I’ve felt over my first year and now into my second year as the campus pastor for Calvin Schools…full immersion!

I’ve been a Calvin parent for just over 12 years now and honestly have experienced the pool only partially, but having the opportunity to dive into the school culture and experience it in a whole new manner has been such a blessing to me personally. I love this school.  The love and appreciation extends beyond simply just being a parent and valuing what the staff and faculty pour into my kids, but to the greater school community of families of the students I get to build relationships with…there is something very special about this student body…and it starts at home.

I found my first year as a virtual “hand-shake” to everyone getting to know me…and in turn me getting to know them, building a foundation of relationship and trust. While this will always be an ongoing process, it is evident that there is good “fruit” in my role here. Playing chess, discussing batman, starwars, (and other things) is fun; I’ve been trying to create a welcoming environment where students feel at-ease and comfortable as we build relationship, but I’ve seen an increase in the deeper things as well.  A result of building relationship is being willing to share difficult things that students are encountering along the way…asking for advice, for prayer, discussing the meaning of certain scriptures. Laughing together, crying together, and praying together has been a regular occurrence, and something that I value.  You see, I pray for your kids…believe in your kids…and desire to come along-side the incredible staff here to be another voice of hope, encouragement, and direction that points to Jesus in a world that offers so many voices for our kids to listen to.

In closing…parents, guardians, and care-givers, I encourage you to continue to pour into your kids at home, and be connected with your local church. Don’t settle for letting the busyness of life overtake the opportunities to build relationship with your kids, pray with your kids, read God’s Word with your kids…what you sow in at home is exponentially valuable and truly is that strong part of Calvin School’s core foundations of home, school, and church.

May God bless you, and your entire family!

Pastor Jay


It warms my heart every morning to see CCC principle Mr. Algera and our caretaker Mario, welcome our students every single morning….rain or shine!

CCC Parent

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Marigolds since grade 3!!

Years ago (wow, 10 actually) when my son was in Mrs Faber’s Grade 3 class, he brought home a small potted Marigold plant they had grown from seed . When it was warm enough, I transplanted it outside and every year since that one small plant has provided bushes of strong tall varying shades of Marigolds. One little insignificant seed (Of truth? Or Wisdom? An understanding of God’s amazing and perfect love?) has returned a harvest of great abundance…. it is how I view the mentoring and value of what we try to aspire to do within Christian schooling… I have always appreciated the care and education my children received at Calvin; May God bless our efforts as parents, mentors and educators .

Alumni Parent Karen Croy

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Calvin Reflection

Evidence of God’s Presence

Being “the new person” at school isn’t always easy. Our three children were outsiders when we enrolled them in September, but I’m certain that the typical feelings associated with being the “new kid” diminished quickly. Each of our children were embraced by loving teachers who illustrated their Christian walk in their actions towards the students. The teachers are whole-heartedly dedicated to ensuring that our children know they are loved by God and that God’s love for us is all around us, if we just stop and observe. Our kids have LOVED their exploration of science and the outdoors with their classes, bringing awareness of God’s miraculous design in creation to the classroom.

When my daughter was dealing with a “foreign concept” called ice-skating, not only did her teacher provide gentle instruction (and a “good push”!), we learned that her friends became her skating coaches, skating arm in arm with her all around the rink! I have also thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the parents’ prayer group at Calvin. I know that the Lord is present in this school as we seek to work together in raising our children.

We were seeking a place where the presence of God would be tangible and our children’s God-given gifts would be nourished. At Calvin both attributes were evident right away!

Ellen Algera
Calvin Parent

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There’s something special about community. We all find ourselves in communities of some sort, whether it be within our churches, families, or schools. After moving twice and going to multiple churches, I can safely say that the hardest thing about being a part of a community is starting over. Leaving one community and jumping into the next isn’t always easy, but I’ve found that beginning anew at Calvin Christian Collegiate has been an exciting and rewarding experience. Coming to Calvin has taught me a lot about community, and how important it is to find one. One thing I’ll never forget is how happy I felt the first time someone said hello to me. It felt like an invitation, not just to have lunch together, but to join a community. Even just a few people were welcoming enough to make me feel comfortable in this new atmosphere. After just a week at Calvin, I had made five new friends. Even my parents, who knew I would find a group of friends at my new school, were surprised at how little time it took. Now, four months later, I feel like I’ve found a place where I fit in. Every day I go to school excited to see my friends, and every day I bring home new memories. The teachers at Calvin are also kind, welcoming, and easy to talk to. I always look forward to telling stories about the fun, unique things that can only happen in a Christian school where students and teachers are comfortable with each other. I’m thankful for every memory I’ve made at Calvin Christian Collegiate, and I’m excited to continue to grow in this community.

Elaine R
Calvin Student

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My name is Savanna. I came here for my grade 12 year. Switching schools for my last year was beyond nerve racking. Who was I going to sit with at lunch? Who am I going to talk to? What if I can’t find my classes? I was scared of being rejected and not fitting in. My first day was the most incredible day of my life. I made friends with the most amazing people I’ve ever met. I’m graduating with a group of people I never thought I’d be with. I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere, and I always felt like I was too weird to fit in. John 6:37 says “However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them.” But being at Calvin is like being at home. My classmates aren’t just classmates, they’re my family, and teachers are like second parents. They genuinely care about how you’re doing. They love you in a way that tells you “everything is going to be okay.” Something that was new to me. Coming to Calvin I wasn’t rejected for the mistakes I had made and I wasn’t turned away. They accepted me and showed me love in a way that I had never experienced before. I’m thankful for this school, and for everyone in it.

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Why did we choose Calvin Christian?  If you are considering Calvin to become a part of your family’s story, I would like to share our experience with you.   My husband is in the military and our family was posted to Winnipeg.  We have five children, now in grades 1, 3, 6, 8 and 10 and we had to leave all of our extended family behind.

We wanted our children to attend a Christian School where the values we teach are reinforced.  Before moving, we flew to Winnipeg, met with Mr. VK and had a tour of both campuses.  There was no hesitation between my husband and I: this was a community of believers where we truly felt God leading us (we bought our house based on the location of the school).

Having been a part of Calvin for a year and a half now, I can tell you we love this school.  This feeling is also echoed by every one of our five children.   Calvin truly has the feeling of a community of Christ.  The teachers care for and pray for their students and the families are an integral part of the school and each other.  My teenage daughter and son say that they feel a sense of belonging to Calvin Collegiate that they have not experienced in other schools; they like knowing each and every student in their grade.  Our children value their teachers and friends they have made.  They feel that Calvin is their School family.

As a parent (or grandparent as I have seen in many cases), I am fortunate to be able volunteer at the school.  One of many opportunities I have is to be in the library weekly and I have seen first hand the loving and Christ like attitude in each and every teacher toward the students.  I appreciate that the children are challenged both academically and spiritually to consider their life within the greater picture of God’s purpose for them.

Calvin has become a very important part of our family.  Christian education here has blessed us in so many ways.  We see our children growing in knowledge and developing their faith.  We are thankful for the dedicated and loving teachers and staff and the Christ centred leadership provided by Misters Algera and Vande Kraats.

Cherie Minkley

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In grade 11 Chelsea went on a life changing mission trip to Mexico with her classmates and teachers then in grade 12 spent another life changing week living and serving at Siloam mission. Her heart was moved towards missions and after graduating Chelsea continued on this path and is now with YWAM Maui. She is in Discipleship Training School for 3 months and in the beginning of December will be leaving for 3 months for missions work in Indonesia and Thailand.

Her faith is growing as she is learning so much in the training phase.  She is very excited about the mission work that she will be involved in and can’t wait to be a part of what God has in store for her and for those lives that she will touch through Christ. Calvin Christian School played a huge role in her calling and love for missions.

Shelley Wiebe (parent)

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This is the second year our family has partnered with Calvin Christian Schools. We moved to Winnipeg two years ago and made the decision to send our children to a Christian School. It was a must as we considered our move. Adapting to new community surroundings and demands is not easy, but in the midst of our transition Calvin has been vital in the life of our family; an enormous blessing.
A couple of weeks ago during a very demanding week, we got an email from one of our kids’ teachers. She was letting us know how much she appreciated our boy, his gifts, and the potential she sees in him. We were overcome by the encouragement, and we cried. It made our week! Sometimes when we are busy, it is easy to forget that it really does take a village to raise a child, and in our lives, Calvin is part of that village.
I opened the conversation at the beginning of the article by using the phrase “we have partnered with Calvin Christian Schools”, because at home we are intentionally thinking this way; a partnership.
In order to make this a practical everyday partnership, once a month our kids write a thank you note, or take a small gift to someone at school. We have also encouraged our children to have a servant-like attitude at school. If they see a piece of garbage in the hallway, pick it up. If someone needs help, help without hesitation.
How about us grown-ups? If we were to embrace this as a partnership what would it look like? Is there a gift God has given to you that you can use for the ministry of Calvin Christian? Maybe you’re handy with tools, or you are great at event planning, or you have spare time or financial resources. As a family we will give at least an hour a week to the ministry of Calvin Christian Schools. What does your partnership look like?

Laurence Fernandez
Calvin Parent

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My name is Stephanie McDougall and I am a former student of Calvin Christian Schools. Calvin was such a defining point in my life that still affects me even today. I have been so blessed to be part of that community even though I live across the country from it.
I currently live in Fredericton, New Brunswick and have since I was 18 years old and fresh out of the Collegiate. I found that my high school experience made me so much more ahead of the game in my university studies than many of my peers. Not only that, but because Calvin took such huge efforts to help grow me as an individual, I was able to thrive on my own in a new place far away from the familiar.
Now I am 23 years old, and moving to New Brunswick was one of the best things I ever did. God has blessed me so richly here, and I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was His plan for me. I am currently engaged and getting married before the end of the year, I am achieving my dream of buying a home and making my career goals a reality.
Despite being far away, I still feel so connected to the Calvin community. I have friends that I still remain in contact with and I still have a relationship with a few teachers that still speak and pour into my life. I received a spiritual grounding at Calvin that has helped me through some difficult times, being out on my own and far away from family.
Calvin Christian Schools was an amazing place to grow up, I don’t know if I will ever permanently return to Manitoba, but I plan to take the things that I have learned from my time at Calvin to wherever I go.
I encourage you to continue to stand behind these schools, and I know that sometimes can mean sacrifice, but your sacrifice is not for nothing. You are ensuring that your kids can grow up and go into the world, wherever that may be, and be at peace that they will have the courage, spiritual guidance and the knowledge to succeed in their life.

Stephanie McDougall
Class of 2007

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I can be myself.

Collegiate Student

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Hello, my name is Corinna Klassen, and my husband Rick and I have 3 children who are currently attending Calvin. They are in grades 2, 4 and7 and we have been a part of the Calvin Community for almost 5 years. Rick and I had always thought we would send our kids to a private Christian school, but not until junior high or high school, as had been our personal experiences. We revised our plan when we became somewhat disillusioned with the public school system. Our son’s classrooms up to that point always been very large – i.e. over 30 kids and the environment seemed very chaotic to us.

We interviewed at a few schools but what really cemented our decision was coming to the open house at Calvin and listening to the testimonials of the two grade 6 students and the experiences they had at Calvin. They spoke of caring teachers, great friends and an ongoing growth in their love for, and understanding of God. We have loved Calvin ever since! I was asked once about a “defining moment” in our Calvin experience. That was a tough question as I don’t think there was one moment in particular that defined things for us – it is more of a daily moment thing for us!

We have had conversations with our kids about public vs independent school and if they are happy where they are. We get an immediate “yes!!!” from all three with some of the reasons being ” I don’t want to go to public school because we won’t learn about God there” or “Our teachers really understand us and care about knowing who we are” and “my teachers are nice and make me feel safe.”

One of the things we all look forward to is report cards. For us, it is never really about the marks, but about the comments from the teachers. My kids often joke when I open up the report cards that “mom is going to cry again.” As parents we all have things that we feel are special about our kids, or things that we wish for them could be encouraged and fostered. Rick and I always marvel at the fact that the teachers at Calvin know our kids so well. They comment on each and every one of those “special” things that we feel our kids have to offer, and also comment on those things we hope can be encouraged. It’s wonderful for us to know that the teachers know and understand our kids, and care enough to see each of them as the special people that they are. Our kids see that too and that’s probably why every year they have told us that their teacher is “the best teacher ever!”

When he was in grade 6, our oldest son Jonathan was one of the students who gave his testimonial at the open house. It was exciting for me because I knew how important hearing that testimonial was for me as a parent who was making a decision about sending our kids to Calvin. For Jonathan he spoke of how teachers encourage them to see that they are all special in God’s eyes, and how it was nice to be able to talk about God with his friends. He spoke of how his confidence has grown while being at Calvin because the teachers and staff are so encouraging and make him proud of his accomplishments.

This past year, Rick’s mom was very ill and passed away late in the fall. We could not have asked for better support for our kids during this time. During their daily prayers, the students and teachers prayed for Rick’s mom and our family. Our kids told us often how friends and teachers would hug them and tell them that they were praying for Grandma.

All of the staff at Calvin provide excellent examples to our kids about how to live a life for God. The school helps to reinforce to our kids the importance of community and how to be kind to each other. Our kids take what they have learned in school and attach it to how they can be better people in the world. To borrow a few lines from Jonathan’s testimonial: “If you decide to send your kids to Calvin I know they will learn, they will feel safe and happy and they will make good friends. They will learn how to make God’s light shine through them.”

Corinna Klassen

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At Calvin Christian School, the teachers are really nice and they care about you. Whenever I see them in the hallway, I always say hi to them and they do too. Every grade was awesome and I really liked it so much I want to go back a grade and I visit my old teachers sometimes. At Calvin you’re never left out. As soon as you walk into the classroom, there will be people who will want to be your friend. It doesn’t matter if you’re different because people will want to be your friend. I think Calvin is great because there’s just so much fun stuff to do and so many activities and you’re excited to go to the next grade because you’ve heard of something else that’s new and exciting. Calvin is the best school ever and Calvin has always helped me with my life and I just am lucky to be there.

Kalena Guarino

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I feel accepted and free to use my gifts. Calvin Christian is such a welcoming environment.

Taylor (student)

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It has been a great time at Calvin. Before I came to Calvin I had no friends. I know a lot of people that have no friends but at Calvin everybody is a good friend and the teachers are awesome! The first step in Calvin was my teacher welcoming me and when the kids came in it was even more welcoming. They all wanted to play with me.

Elementary Student

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Contrast: a great difference; difference; striking difference: the contrast between black and white: anything that shows differences when put side by side with something else. How is Calvin Christian Collegiate different than any other school? What creates this contrast? Calvin is different in the way it creates an atmosphere where God is present and an environment where people want to be. In contrast to other schools, Calvin has incorporated Christian faith into all subjects, and places God as top priority. It’s a place where people can be their unique being, as well as develop a strong relationship with Christ. With such a remarkable difference from other schools, it is easy to see that Calvin is an enjoyable, welcoming and commendable place to be. Calvin’s distinct priorities and atmosphere are truly what makes Calvin.

Calvin Yearbook Team 2009/2010

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I stood at the end of the day after decorating the room at Canad Inns in preparation for the 50th Anniversary Celebrations for Calvin Christian Schools, the lights were dim, and the room was empty, I thought about what was to be celebrated in the next few hours. As I looked around, I realized I wasn’t really looking at an empty room after all. There was a presence of the Holy Spirit that truly defines that feeling of peace that surpasses all understanding. I was immediately humbled by the reminder of what God has done for our family through Calvin, and the precious new life He has given me, having been reborn only a few years ago. The reflections cast in the peace of the dim lights were those of joy, answered prayers, thankfulness and hope. It was a moment that truly defined the purpose of God’s love.

Calvin is so much more than a school for our family. These are the people that God promised He would send to us – His network of angels. The staff all carry God’s love in their hearts and in their lives. They show the true meaning of service and undying love for the Lord. I know they think they are just doing their job, but to our family, they are providing a future that we didn’t think existed. Through God, not only do they take care of our son, Jayden, they strengthen our whole family. Everyone here at the school has done what others wouldn’t, gave what others could not, and they see Jayden as a child of the Lord and not a child with Autism. In our case it seems to take more than a “village” to raise Jayden, but because of the faithfulness of God we’ve received a whole city.

Calvin has also provided a ministry to Walter and myself. The patience, kindness, grace and forgiveness when we have been at our weakest, will never be forgotten. The theme of “walking in the light” is so meaningful because no matter how dark the trial, or how low the valley, we will always get through it as God is right beside us shining His light so we can seethe blessings that have so abundantly come our way. A school, a place of education, four walls? No, that is not how we would describe this beautiful home of God. It is every promise He made, it is every blessing He said He would give us, it is a true reflection of unconditional love and ever lasting hope.

Laurie Gretschmann

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Recently my family went through a difficult situation. My daughter, Madison was very affected by it. I went to see the principal at the Elementary Campus, to discuss the whole situation and then a few days later my daughter also met with him. Madison came home encouraged, reassured and feeling much better. She told me that meeting was the best idea ever!! You can imagine how touched I was. It was so good to know that the leadership in the school not only cares about the student’s marks and education, but also their personal lives. The principal prayed with Madison. She and I both thank God for giving Calvin a Godly man who leads with integrity and character. How wonderful to know that our children really matter to the staff!!

Taunja J. MacKay

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We have sent our kids to Calvin for 14 years. We now have 3 children graduated from Calvin attending and excelling in post-secondary education. We feel that Calvin has partnered with us in community, in shaping our children, helping them realize as well as excel in their gifts. It has been very important to us that our kids be in an environment that promotes the development of servant leadership. We send our kids to Calvin because of the values Calvin holds, and the sincere concern that Calvin has not only for the education of our children, but their spiritual wellness as well.

Mike and Barb Dueck

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I am in grade 6 at Calvin Christian School. I came here in grade 3, so this is my fourth year here. I was nervous to leave my old school and my friends but within a couple of weeks of being at Calvin I realized what a great school it was and how nice everyone was. I made great friends right away. When Mr. VK (we call him Mr. VK because Mr. VandeKraats is a long name) asked me to talk to you tonight, I thought about what might be important for you to know if you are thinking of sending your kids here. Right away I thought about how great all the teachers are. The teachers really all do care about each of us and always try to find new and exciting ways to help unlearn. They help us to learn what our special gifts from God are so if we sometimes don’t feel like we are good at anything they help us remember we are all special in God’s eyes and that we all have gifts that make us special.

I feel like my confidence has grown here at Calvin because all of the teachers and staff are so encouraging to me and make me proud of my accomplishments. The teachers all take time to get to know each of us as individuals and I feel like they really know who I am. We are always encouraged to talk about God in the classroom and to see how each subject we learn in school can be seen from a Christian’s point of view. For example in science we learn the scientific explanations for things, but also how God made the world perfect so that all the science in life could take place. My grade 6 teacher Mr. Berg has taught us a lot about the Bible. You can ask him any question and he always knows the answer. But what’s really helpful to us is that all the answers he gives us relate to and help us in our lives now. The Bible can be a complicated book so he really helps us to understand it in a way we can relate to.

We have devotions in the class every morning and we often pray for each other when things are happening in our lives. Last year my Grandma was really sick and my class prayed for her and she got better. I really enjoy the assemblies we have. Every year we have a school theme. This year’s theme is Shine Like Stars. Our goal with this theme is to show others that God’s light shines through us. In assemblies we learn through songs and stories. I have been in a couple of the plays that we do in assembly. This year we are learning the Beatitudes. We learn through funny characters in the skits. This year they are Bees. I enjoy acting in these skits and helping the younger kids to understand the Beatitudes. The Beatitude we are learning now is about being pure in heart. This means we will try to focus on God and not to be self centered. Sometimes I get tempted to make bad decisions. I think about what my teachers and parents have taught me about what Jesus would do. I think I am getting better at making good decisions. It helps a lot that all of my friends are Christians and they all think the same way. We all encourage each other to do the right thing…or at least we try. It’s really neat to be able to talk about God to your friends every day at school.

This school has a lot of fun activities. Every year we havea Soup and Skate evening where kids and parents and teachers can skate in the rink in the playground and then come inside for soup, chili and hotdogs. In grade 6 our teachers give us bonus activities if we are good at school. One day after school the entire grade 6 class was allowed to stay and play in the school from 5:00 to midnight. Our teachers stayed with us and this was all on their own time.
Another really fun event for our school is the Calvin Cup. It’s a floor hockey tournament that is held every year and involves the grade4-6 students. We’re all put into teams and teachers and parents are our coaches and play on our teams with us. For a couple of years I have been a part of the Calvin Saturday morning hockey team. There are teachers and parents who give of their own time to teach us hockey really, really early on Saturday mornings. As you can see, our teachers give up a lot of their time to let us have fun.
This year our teachers are working to get us prepared for grade 7. We were all kind of nervous about it until we went to visit the Collegiate and got to spend a day with the students and teachers. It was actually kind of fun! Our teachers have been really encouraging us to be independent and have been trusting us by giving us more responsibility kind of like we’ll need for Junior High.
One other thing I have to mention about what is great about Calvin, is our principal Mr. VK. He always takes time to join classes and get to know all of the students. He reads all of our report cards and knows how we are all doing in school. He always has a smile on his face and makes us all feel safe. My Opa once told me that I have a great principal and he is right. He knows all of our names and knows all of our parents and grandparents too. Every day he goes to the parking lot to make sure the kids get safely into the right vehicles.

If you decide to send your kids to Calvin I know they will learn, they will feel safe and happy and they will make good friends. They will earn how to make God’s light shine through them.

Jonathan Klassen    

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Just wanted to say how much we are appreciating Calvin. Our son has had such positive things to say like “The kids are different”… “I can hear myself think in class.”… “I’ve learned more from the EA during pull-out than most of last year in math.”… “when you’re not doing the work right, they help you out but they don’t give you the answer…” All this even when he’s doing a couple of hours of homework (without complaining) — Wow!! So a big thank you to everyone!

New Collegiate Parent

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My experience?
I don’t have the words to describe how great this year has been for me. In my first few days at the school before the students came I felt like I was with friends I’d known for years. And once the students and I were in our routine I knew I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere else. When people were asking me ‘Are you looking forward to spring break???’ I didn’t know how to answer – because I hadn’t thought about it. I wasn’t looking forward to it because I was enjoying myself too much. (Don’t get me wrong – I’m not arguing against spring break here…!) I really love my job. I love working in a Christian environment with teachers that walk their talk.

Mr. Lyle Morris

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Our first few months at Calvin Christian School have surpassed our expectations. The level of education, in all subject and life areas, that we are seeing is wonderful, and is a breath of fresh air. Our daughter was welcomed into her classroom with open arms. Within a few days she was commenting on how great her teacher and her new friends are, and those statements are still heard on a regular basis.She has been shown love and respect, and is continually challenged and encouraged. Her teacher not only teaches his students about the Love of Christ, and how to live out their Faith, but has shown it through his own acts of kindness and encouragement on several occasions. It is warms your heart, when you hear that your child offered up a suggestion for a project or experiment, and it was met with an enthusiastic “Yes…. That’s a great idea, let’s do that!”.

Angela Wiebe

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In a world where many of us have become increasingly accustomed to organizations often falling short of their claims around products or services and skeptical of institutions’ self reported glowing descriptions of what they stand for, Calvin Christian Collegiate is a refreshingly, remarkable exception! Our hopes and expectations when moving our grade 8 son in February to CCC from public school have not only be solidly met but exceeded on all counts. Simply put, our experience has been overwhelmingly positive.
Similarly to many of you, we also were seeking a school with high academic standards taught in an environment of Christian values. What is resoundingly apparent and so highly valued and appreciated by our family is that at CCC, Christian values and teachings transcend the more formal aspects such as Bible and Chapel. These teachings are being consistently honored in the interactions between teachers and students; as well as being mentored and encouraged between students in their day to day relationships. It seems to us that ethics, empathy, morality, kindness, compassion and respect are alive and well; being actively practiced throughout the school.
What is certain, for us, is how serene and peaceful we feel each morning sending our son to a safe caring school and into the company of welcoming friends. We could go on and on about how thrilled we are with CCC … but our comments would be remiss without saying we believe that our son has the most amazing teachers he has ever encountered! The dedication, passion, patience, ingenuity, creativity and generosity of spirit shown by CCC teachers is beyond all expectations. Of many examples here’s one that stands out.
The grade 8’s got to participate in an archaeological dig. Can’t begin to imagine the time, energy and effort their Social Studies teacher put into this project creating a novel classroom.
CCC may not be the biggest school in Winnipeg but they have the biggest heart! Exceptional school, exceptional staff and teachers, exceptional students … our Calvin Christian Collegiate.
We are Blessed to be among you!
Boris & Teunisie Pawluk
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I have been teaching at Calvin Christian School for 23 years after teaching in the public school for 14 years prior to that.  I really enjoyed my first 14 years and had established myself on the school’s staff, had a list of courses that I really liked and felt very comfortable with my role there.

Then, in the spring of 1991, my wife noticed an advertisement that Calvin Christian was looking for a math/science teacher.  She urged me to apply, I semi reluctantly did that, and subsequently was offered the job.  I was extremely undecided for some time but eventually agreed to pull up stakes and go back to Winnipeg.  Some of you may recall that that began a 4 year commute since our house in Ashern, Manitoba did not sell for some time.  Back and forth, twice per week, living at my parents home while staying in town and leaving behind my wife with 5 young sons in Ashern.  Where was God’s plan in all of this?

Now that I have been at Calvin for some time I see things more clearly.  I cannot imagine having spent my entire time in Ashern since one is shaped by those one spends one’s time with.  My colleagues in Ashern were generally secular and so were the students.  Their views of life, their aspirations in life and their recreational preoccupations were very different from mine.  I suspect that, now that I have spent my last many years at Calvin, I have also been impacted by the views, motives and conduct of the colleagues and students of Calvin.

My kids attest to the fact that, as they now also became students at Calvin, they have benefitted from the level of education they received there and also many of the friends they currently have are also Calvin alumni.

My wife got a job there too and we have now had the benefit of traveling to work together for a number of years.  How different after the 4 agonizing years of being apart so much.

Sometimes it is only years later that one can see hand of God.  One can hardly imagine how life would be different if one didn’t respond to God, even if that obedience was somewhat reluctant.  God has been very good.

We have a hard working staff at Calvin who have contributed countless hours in extracurricular activities like French trip, Music Festivals, 30 Hour Famine, Mission Trip and now an Inner City Experience not to mention countless sports teams.

While students often resort to saying “there is nothing to do” there is much to do.  And to be able to undertake all of this, myself as well as the student, within a Christian school, which desires to extend the Christian principles of home and church must be very comforting to parents.  While there certainly is a financial commitment to all of this, we want to do all that we can to provide a safe, learning environment and to nurture our children in the fear of the Lord.  Who knows the benefits God holds in store for all of us who seek to live within His will?

Ted Jeninga

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“How precious also are Thy thoughts unto me, O God!”  (Psalm 139: 17a)

I praise God for what I see Him doing for His glory through the staff and students of Calvin Christian School.

Thank you very kindly for facilitating my ‘guest-reader’ visit with the kindergarten and grade 2 children. Those brief visits with those precious children are among the most encouraging blessings of my week, so far. Everyone, every child and every adult seemed so glad to be at Calvin Christian School today — me, too. It’s a wonderment to me how effortlessly your teachers can direct the attention of a roomful of energetic children … and how respectfully the children respond to the authority of their teachers and when their attention was directed to me for a story, those children were a joy to be with. Even in the hallways, every child in the school seemed so eager to get where they were going but well-behaved and cheerful, and consciously considerate of others around them.  Wow!  My grandchildren get the benefit of the exceptional quality of leadership that has established such a great environment for the education of the students in your care.

I do appreciate the Calvin Christian School community — the vision and determination of those Bible-believing saints who established the original school, and those ever since who have promoted and prospered the investment in the work — overcoming every challenge to help us train up and equip our children “in the way they should go”.  Back in the day when my own children attended Calvin Christian School, as a Christian parent I was grateful that staff would act accordingly if/when troubling incidents occurred.  Attending a Christian school does not make a child a ‘Christian’ (any more than standing in a garage makes me a car).

Ultimately, my praise is directed to Almighty God whose over-arching Presence is reflected in many attractive qualities of character that I observed in staff and students, and I would not want to be misunderstood in that regard.

Dave Christmas

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