60th Anniversary Virtual Banquet

We were thrilled to celebrate 60 years of building community through Christian education at Calvin Christian School in 2021. While circumstances didn’t allow us to celebrate the way we had planned, through videos, interviews, and our virtual banquet, we were able to take a walk down memory lane and see how God has guided us and continues to work in our school.

Thank you for investing in Calvin Christian School. Your support enables us to move forward with our passion to provide a secure learning environment in which God’s children can Explore, Experience and Evaluate all of life under Christ’s Lordship. We are sincerely grateful for your partnership. Thank you!

Thank you to our sponsors:

Chapter 1 - Foundations

Chapter 2 - Strength & Support

Chapter 3 - A Time to Grow

Chapter 4 - Teaching for Transformation

Chapter 5 - Higher Learning

Did You Know?

Did You Know? Ep 1

Did You Know? Ep 2

Did You Know? Ep 3

Did You Know? Ep 4

Did You Know? Ep 5