Tuition Schedule

IMG_5736Advance Payment Discount
There is a 2% discount offered to those who pay their fees in a lump sum by May 31st. There is a 1% discount offered to those who pay their fees in a lump sum by August 31st.

Method of Payment
We offer and encourage the use of automatic withdrawals in order to ensure timely and consistent payment of school fees. Minimally, we require that post-dated cheques are submitted to cover the fees for the entire school year. Under special circumstances, you can make alternate arrangements with the Business Administrator for the payment of school fees.

Charitable Donation Receipts
A significant portion of your school fees is considered a charitable donation. The non-charitable portion is subject to some variation on an annual basis.

Capital Improvement Fee
There is an additional fee of $100 for each family for Capital Improvements.

Families with a demonstrable financial need can make application to Apple Financial Services, an independent assessment service specializing in the administration of bursary funding.  All information is kept strictly confidential.  For more information, contact the Business Administrator at or phone 204-338-7981.