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I.C.E. and Impact

As a school community, our desire is to have our students live out their lives as followers of Christ, both within their local community and in the world.  For that reason, we provide opportunities for our students to develop servant leadership, to act with compassion and justice in a world that God loves, and to demonstrate a growing faith in God who enables us to do what we did not think we could do.  Our Grade 12 Inner City Experience (I.C.E.), and our Grade 11 Impact trip, provide us with a practical way to engage with, and experience God in a unique way.  By way of these experiences, the faith of our students is challenged, their love for others grows, their eyes are opened to the work of God in others, and they learn to partner and share their own personal gifts with those whom they meet.

Impact – Grade 11


Every spring, our grade 11 students travel to Mexico to help and support families in need.  Together with teacher and parent chaperones they build houses for these families and get to know them too!  This is truly a unique and inspiring service opportunity and many students return home with a broader perspective on life.  Definitely a trip worth looking forward to!

Mexico Health Form

Mexico Medical Release Form 2019-20


Inner City Experience (I.C.E.) – Grade 12

ICE template

I.C.E. Health Form

The I.C.E. project is an opportunity for our grade 12 students to open their servant hearts here at home.  Occurring at the same time as the Impact trip, the grade 12s are whisked away to downtown Winnipeg where they experience being less fortunate at a local level. Partnering with Siloam Mission, The Vineyard, and other churches and ministries in the area, our students learn to live with less and give more of themselves.  It is our hope that when students leave CCC and venture into the world, that their eyes and hearts are opened to remember those in need – far away and close to home.