Estate Planning

Christian Stewardship Services

Christian Stewardship Services (CSS), together with its supporting Christian organizations, promotes Biblical stewardship through Planned Giving and education. Click on the CSS logo to visit their website.

Planned Giving, current Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives are the documents by which you can control your estate, provide for your loved ones and continue your support of Kingdom Work such as churches and schools. Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) can help you in explaining, planning or updating these important documents.

Calvin Christian School would like to offer the services of CSS to all “friends of Calvin”. Our CSS representative is Wayne De Boer. He comes to Winnipeg a couple of times a year and would be pleased to provide his confidential (and free) service to you.

You can meet with Wayne in your home or office to discuss things like:

  • the tools (such as Life Insurance, Charitable Gift Annuities, Revocable Deposit Agreements, Endowments, Estate Bequests, etc.) by which CSS can assist you in assisting Kingdom Work;
  • how to develop an Estate Plan (including a will) that incorporates your wishes and reflects your personal circumstances and family situation;
  • how to deal with those parts of your estate that are not governed by your will;
  • how Planned Giving and proper Estate Planning can promote stewardship and incorporate tax savings;
  • the necessity of Enduring Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives.

Most of these visits focus on the creation of a proper Estate Plan and/or Planned Giving. In actual fact, everybody already has an Estate Plan. For many of us, however, it’s not the one we’ve prepared ourselves; it’s the “default” legislation that the government has in place for us if we haven’t drafted our own will. Chances are that you won’t like it.

Based on the decisions made during the personal visit in your home, Wayne will provide written instructions which reflect your choices regarding your Estate Plan. Once these instructions are approved by you, Wayne will forward these to your own lawyer and/or financial advisor for final preparation. Details of your meeting will be held in strictest confidence and, in normal situations, there is no fee for their services.

To find out when Wayne De Boer will be in Winnipeg next, contact the school office at 204-338-7981 or contact Wayne De Boer personally at toll free # 1-800-267-8890  email

CSS has over 1200 clients Canada wide. It also has over 35 partner agencies, as well as some 75 Christian schools across Canada, including Calvin Christian School, as members. Visit CSS on the web if you would like to know more – click HERE.