About Us

Who We Are
Calvin Christian School is an independent Christian school serving students in Kindergarten through Grade 12.

All Calvin Christian teachers are committed Christian believers and certified teachers with the Manitoba Department of Education and Training. All families wishing to associate themselves with the school must express a Christian faith commitment and agreement with the Purpose and Basis.

How is the school governed?
Calvin Christian School is owned and operated by a parental society incorporated as the Greater Winnipeg Society for Christian Education. It is not directed or financed by a church or denomination. Members of the school society elect a board of directors that is entrusted with the governance of the school.

Is the school funded by the government?
Independent schools receive about 50% of the Manitoba per student education cost in the form of a government grant.

Our History
Calvin Christian School comes out of a Reformed religious and philosophical tradition dating back to the eighteen hundreds. That might cause you to wonder if it has strong denominational connections with a church in the Reformed tradition. Originally it did—it was in the late 50s that a group of Dutch immigrants worked together to establish a Christian school. All of these families involved in establishing the school were from the Christian Reformed Churches in Winnipeg and that gave the school a Dutch Calvinist flavour. However, the Reformed tradition and philosophical perspective is very clear about church connections and that is why Calvin Christian School has been interdenominational from the beginning. This dedicated group of parents associated themselves in The Greater Winnipeg Society of Christian Education and set about planning what would become Calvin Christian School. At considerable personal sacrifice they built a seven room school that opened its doors in September of 1960 to 65 students.

Today over 70 different churches are represented within the student body. The philosophy that remains today is often characterized as small “r” reformed because it isn’t about a connection to a Reformed Church; it is about a philosophical rootedness to the reformed thinkers through many generations who have laid down so much of what we think as Christians.

The early years were years of sacrifice and struggle, but year by year the school grew in size and began to earn a reputation as a school where Christ is honoured and students are loved. A growing team of dedicated teachers, administrators with vision, and school boards with courage laid down the foundation for what Calvin Christian Schools has become today.

By the late 80s, portable classrooms had multiplied around the original building and it was time to build in order accommodate the growth. Extra property was acquired to the east and construction began in 1989. An 8 classroom wing was added to the east. A new library, multipurpose room, administrative area and gymnasium were added to the west. That sandwiched the original building between two new wings and led to the complete renovation of the old building in the summer of 1990.

God continued to bless the work at Calvin and space became a problem again in the latter half of the 90s. In 1997, that gave rise to the north wing which included a computer lab, two more classrooms and a staff room.

The need for more space and the desire to establish a high school program lead us to search for more space. Through God’s providential leading we found the former Park Circle School in Transcona. In September of 2002, we opened the doors to Calvin Christian Collegiate, our second campus, housing our Grade 7 to 12 program.