Organizational Structure

The members of the Greater Winnipeg Society for Christian Education elect the members of the Board of Trustees, who are responsible for policy-making and governance of the schools. The board delegates the responsibility for day to day operations to the principals of each campus, who are responsible to the board for the educational administration of the school. The teachers are responsible to the principal.In our educational tradition there is a well-developed construct regarding the relationship between the church, the home and the school – three critical institutions in the life of the child. There is clearly partnership between the church, home and school since all three overlap because they have the interests of the child at heart. There are many ways the three can, and do, partner together for the benefit of the child. However, the three spheres are more separate than they are overlapping because each one has a different role to play in the life of the child. While the partnership is real and vital, no one of the three has authority over any of the others. That’s why Calvin Christian School is not governed or funded by a particular church or denomination. The school is operated by a parental school society and its elected Board of Directors, not by a denomination, a church or the pastor of a church. That’s also why it is interdenominational – it is an association of like-minded Christian parents who form the society but they are not necessarily from the same denomination. As evidence of that interdenominational commitment, we’re pleased to be able to say that approximately 80 churches are represented in the society membership. So, while the church is in partnership, it is separate from the school.

The home is the centre of nurture for the child and the place from which decisions are made regarding the welfare of children. Parents make the decisions about the church the children will attend for their worship and spiritual direction. Parents also make decisions about the school the children are to attend because the education of the child is ultimately a parental responsibility.

The Christian school’s primary responsibility is the education of the child. The school is very interested in the spiritual nurture of the child but that is a role that belongs primarily to the home and the church. The school has a responsibility to make education Christian.