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096Calvin Christian Collegiate offers the full range of academic courses as prescribed by the Department of Education in both required core courses as well as elective courses.  In order to widen our offerings to students we make available a large selection of Distance Education courses as well.  These courses can be taken online or in traditional print format.  The online courses available are Computer Science 20S, Computer Science 30S, and Law 40S while print based courses like Psychology, Sociology, Accounting and various languages like German and Spanish are popular.  For other students who want to explore the work world we have become part of the High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP) which allows high school students to work while they are in school thereby gaining credits toward graduation while doing so.  Information and assistance in registering for this program is provided by Calvin Christian and, once registered, our students begin accumulating hours toward a Level I apprentice status.  Read our course catalog below for more information.

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Driver’s Education Information

How to enrol

You can sign up for Driver Education courses in two easy steps:

1.      Go to to view a list of available courses.*

2.      Go to your nearest Autopac agent with your parent/guardian to get set-up as a Manitoba Public Insurance customer, register, and pay for your course.

Identification requirements

You need to establish your identity to register for Driver Education. Remember to bring your identity documents when you go to register at any Autopac agent. For more information and to view a list of documents you can use to prove your identity, please visit, select Driver Education and then click on Enrolling.

Cost and course overview

The $50 cost of Driver Education includes 34 hours of classroom instruction, eight hours of driving, and eight hours of in-car observation. You must be at least 15 ½ years of age to qualify for a learner’s permit under this program.

For a list of complete course requirements, go to, select Driver Education, select Enrolling, and then click on the Driver Education Registration Guide.

Convenience and flexibility

You can register and pay for your Driver Education course in one visit to any Autopac agent. For information on course start dates and locations, go to, select Driver Education and then click on Course Finder.

*Depending on your school and school division, you may be able to take Driver Education at another school. However, restrictions may apply as individual schools set their own rules about who may register for classes.