Safety at Calvin

Safety Patrols

patrolSafety patrols will be on duty from 8:10 to 8:20 a.m. to assist students crossing Sutton Avenue in front of the school and at the driveway at River East Collegiate. Patrols will also be on duty from 2:55 to 3:08 p.m. after school both on Sutton Avenue and at the R.E. Collegiate driveway. In order to ensure your safety, you should cross at these designated crossing areas. Grade 6 students will also be assigned to help younger students walk to and from the buses safely.




IMG_5720To ensure the safety of all students, two or three adults will supervise the playground during recesses. Students are expected to be respectful and obedient to supervisors.

Specific areas have been designated for those in after school care – one for the K to 3 students and another for Grade 4-6. The school grounds are unsupervised after 3:15 p.m.

Students who are waiting for older siblings from the collegiate campus (arriving via the shuttle service) can attend the after school program at no charge until the bus arrives at 4:00. If they are not picked up at 4:00, they must continue in the after school program, in which case regular fees will be charged.


Student Pick Up or Drop Off at Elementary Campus During School Hours

For safety reasons, the following procedure should be followed if you are picking up a child for an appointment, or if you are returning them to school during school hours:

When picking up:

  • Parents should not enter the classroom areas to pick up their children.
  • Parents must report to the office to sign their child out and at that time, the student will be called to the office.

When dropping off:

  • When returning to school, students should report to the office to check in before proceeding to their classroom.

These procedures are in place for safety reasons.


Entry Into the School During School Hours

2018-09-14Once the school day has started, the back doors to the school will be locked. For those of you who are regular classroom or duty volunteers, please park your vehicle in the parking lot and then come around the outside of the building and through the front doors of the school. If you are picking up your child for an appointment or are returning them to school, we would ask that you also come through the front doors. This will allow our school secretary, to remain at her desk.


Lockdown Drill

lockdown_view_fullTwice per year a Lockdown Drill will be practiced should a hostile intruder enter the school building. The staff have been trained in the procedures, should this be required. In preparation for this drill, the student body will receive instructions on the expectations we have of them. The instructions they receive will be presented in such a way that they are not alarmed. We do not want them to become suspicious of every stranger they may see within the building. They will be reassured that the school is already doing everything necessary to protect them. The staff at the school has been instructed to be diligent in approaching any stranger within the building, asking them if they need assistance. This is our first line of defence in guarding against a potential danger. It is imperative that parents, come to the front office whenever entering the building, whether picking up, or returning children to school, please come directly to the office. Do not bring your child to their classroom on your own. If you are volunteering, you should always be wearing a name tag. If you are assisting with a field trip, please report to the office first and then go up to the classroom at the required time. These procedures are important and are in place for safety reasons. When you are entering the building, please use the front doors as much as possible.

If you are entering or leaving through the back door, please make sure that the door closes behind you.


Emergency Notification

In the event that the school needs to be evacuated, an emergency notification system is in place that enables us to contact all parents quickly and easily.