The following are comments that have been taken from testimonials that we have received from parents, students, staff and a grandparent over the years.  If you would like to see the complete testimonial, click HERE.

Comments From Parents

Calvin Christian Schools are more than just excellent academic environments – they are places where we as parents are blessed to find partners to help us provide these gifts to our kids.”

“We as parents are wholeheartedly and passionately committed to our kids. It is very clear that the staff at Calvin Christian Schools are equally invested in the kids with whom they share their days – far beyond what is required to merely ‘do their jobs’.”

“The staff at Calvin Christian Schools don’t just impart knowledge…they mentor and model, they provide practical wisdom, they engage with students even over personal dilemmas and difficult situations, they challenge students to strive and to see that they can reach beyond status quo and they champion and encourage our kids to be all that God intends them to be.”


“Thank you for your hard work and dedication and for not only preparing our kids for the world through academics but for seeing who our kids are as individuals and for coming alongside us as parents and building into them.”


“I am so thankful that we made the choice to put our son in your school.  You are providing a caring and responsive environment for him to grow in.”


“I have always appreciated the care and education my children received at Calvin; May God bless our efforts as parents, mentors and educators.”


“The teachers are whole-heartedly dedicated to ensuring that our children know they are loved by God and that God’s love for us is all around us, if we just stop and observe.”

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“We were seeking a place where the presence of God would be tangible and our children’s God-given gifts would be nourished. At Calvin both attributes were evident right away!”

“Calvin truly has the feeling of a community of Christ.  The teachers care for and pray for their students and the families are an integral part of the school and each other.”

“As a parent (or grandparent as I have seen in many cases), I am fortunate to be able volunteer at the school.  One of many opportunities I have is to be in the library weekly and I have seen first hand the loving and Christ like attitude in each and every teacher toward the students.”

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“A couple of weeks ago during a very demanding week, we got an email from one of our kids’ teachers. She was letting us know how much she appreciated our boy, his gifts, and the potential she sees in him. We were overcome by the encouragement, and we cried. It made our week! Sometimes when we are busy, it is easy to forget that it really does take a village to raise a child, and in our lives, Calvin is part of that village.”

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“… what really cemented our decision was coming to the open house at Calvin and listening to the testimonials of the two grade 6 students and the experiences they had at Calvin. They spoke of caring teachers, great friends and an ongoing growth in their love for, and understanding of God.”

“Rick and I always marvel at the fact that the teachers at Calvin know our kids so well. They comment on each and every one of those “special” things that we feel our kids have to offer, and also comment on those things we hope can be encouraged.”

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“All of the staff at Calvin provide excellent examples to our kids about how to live a life for God. The school helps to reinforce to our kids the importance of community and how to be kind to each other. Our kids take what they have learned in school and attach it to how they can be better people in the world.”

“Calvin is so much more than a school for our family. These are the people that God promised He would send to us – His network of angels.”

“We send our kids to Calvin because of the values Calvin holds, and the sincere concern that Calvin has not only for the education of our children, but their spiritual wellness as well.”

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“Our first few months at Calvin Christian School have surpassed our expectations. The level of education, in all subject and life areas, that we are seeing is wonderful, and is a breath of fresh air.”

“What is certain, for us, is how serene and peaceful we feel each morning sending our son to a safe caring school and into the company of welcoming friends.”

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“… our comments would be remiss without saying we believe that our son has the most amazing teachers he has ever encountered! The dedication, passion, patience, ingenuity, creativity and generosity of spirit shown by CCC teachers is beyond all expectations.”

Comments From Students

“Coming to Calvin has taught me a lot about community, and how important it is to find one.”

“The teachers at Calvin are also kind, welcoming, and easy to talk to.”

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“… being at Calvin is like being at home. My classmates aren’t just classmates, they’re my family, and teachers are like second parents. They genuinely care about how you’re doing. They love you in a way that tells you ‘everything is going to be okay’.”

“I found that my high school experience made me so much more ahead of the game in my university studies than many of my peers.” At Calvin you’re never left out. As soon as you walk into the classroom, there will be people who will want to be your friend.”

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“The teachers all take time to get to know each of us as individuals and I feel like they really know who I am.”

“We are always encouraged to talk about God in the classroom and to see how each subject we learn in school can be seen from a Christian’s point of view.”

“We have devotions in the class every morning and we often pray for each other when things are happening in our lives.”

“It’s really neat to be able to talk about God to your friends every day at school.”

“If you decide to send your kids to Calvin I know they will learn, they will feel safe and happy and they will make good friends. They will earn how to make God’s light shine through them.”

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Comments From Staff

“I really love my job. I love working in a Christian environment with teachers that walk their talk.”

“I’ve been trying to create a welcoming environment where students feel at-ease and comfortable as we build relationship, but I’ve seen an increase in the deeper things as well.  A result of building relationship is being willing to share difficult things that students are encountering along the way…asking for advice, for prayer, discussing the meaning of certain scriptures. Laughing together, crying together, and praying together has been a regular occurrence, and something that I value.  You see, I pray for your kids…believe in your kids…and desire to come along-side the incredible staff here to be another voice of hope, encouragement, and direction that points to Jesus in a world that offers so many voices for our kids to listen to.”

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“We have a hard working staff at Calvin who have contributed countless hours in extracurricular activities like French trip, Music Festivals, 30 Hour Famine, Mission Trip and now an Inner City Experience not to mention countless sports teams.”

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Comment From a Grandparent

“I do appreciate the Calvin Christian School community — the vision and determination of those Bible-believing saints who established the original school, and those ever since who have promoted and prospered the investment in the work — overcoming every challenge to help us train up and equip our children ‘in the way they should go’.”