Gift Card Fundraiser

Now you can support the school and also earn money towards your tuition – and it will not cost you one penny!

With our Shop Funds Progressive Fundraising Program, you can buy gift cards from participating retailers and earn a percentage of all purchases made. If the retailer offers 4%, then 2% of your purchase will benefit the school directly while the other 2% will be credited to your account.

The gift cards are redeemable for the full face value. Anyone can participate to help reduce a family’s tuition. Extended family and/or friends can order gift cards and designate their credits to go to a specific family’s tuition, or as a donation to the school. The portion you have accumulated in your account by May will be credited to your member account to offset tuition, or as a donation.

A family that spends $1000/month from retailers that average a 5% return could generate $25/month for the school and $25/month towards their account. If only half of the families at Calvin participate in this program, the school could realize a profit of around $10,000. This without costing you anything more than you would already spend to purchase groceries, gas, clothing, etc.

Orders are due in to the school office by 9:00 AM on Mondays. Expected delivery is by Wednesday or Thursday of the same week.