Spiritual Life

At Calvin Christian School we seek to nurture every student’s spiritual growth, this begins at the elementary level and continues on through to the end of high school. We surround our students with talk of God’s purpose for them, His love for all people, and His call for each of us to share His love with others. Aside from biblical instruction, we also participate in group worship on a regular basis. Whether that takes place in the classroom each morning, as part of Music class, or in a group assembly setting, students are encouraged in many ways to take part in these powerful experiences. We also seek out practical ways to be of service to our larger community, trusting that these activities become habits of service for our students as they grow in their faith.


Several times a month the elementary students gather together for singing and biblical input on a wide range of themes. This experience of singing with other children in a worship setting is a powerful way that our faith is strengthened. In addition to chapels, elementary students in every classroom participate in morning devotions as the day begins. Here each teacher leads their class in a time of reflecting on the many important aspects of our faith, often including times for prayer and worship singing.

Our collegiate students collectively participate in worship throughout the school year. Led by our student worship band, we praise our Heavenly Father through song and prepare to receive a spiritual message delivered by guest speakers and staff. Follow-up discussions related to chapel occur in Student Life Groups (SLGs) as we strive to implement God’s word in our daily lives. Every morning, collegiate students meet in an SLG with the same teacher for the duration of the school year. During this time, students participate in devotions and prayer and homeroom type activities. They build relationships and prepare to tackle the day.

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Director of Student Faith and Life

Hello! My name is Wes Enns, and I’m the Director of Student Faith and Life here at the collegiate campus. In my brief time at Calvin Christian School so far, I have grown to appreciate this community in so many ways. The foundation of faith and care that has been established in this school is clearly evident, and it truly is a privilege to contribute to the furtherance of this good work in this good place.

"Today, it is more important than ever for students in schools like Calvin to be able to come together and support each other as unified communities. We all have important roles to play in helping each other to connect and grow as a community. There are so many exciting opportunities and possibilities for growth and service in our school and our city. I'm so glad to be part of the great things that are happening at Calvin".

At our school, we strive to integrate our faith into everything we do, through the small moments of the school day to school-wide celebrations. Short talks in the hallways, drop-in chats in offices and classrooms, our daily Student-Life-Group (SLG) meetings, and shared experiences in video chapels and in-person worship gatherings are some of the meaningful ways our students and staff connect and learn about God together. Service projects for all students throughout the year provide more opportunities to grow in our collective understanding of others, and what it means to be faithful followers of Christ. Good things are happening here.  

Our goal here at the collegiate campus is to integrate our faith into every part of what we do. My prayer is that we will continue to grow and work together here at Calvin, and that as we walk the road before us, we will do so with humility, gentleness and mercy, in a growing knowledge of God’s love.

Wes Enns

A little bit about Wes...

I grew up on a farm outside of the city, and spent my high school and university days here in Winnipeg, with a two-year stint at Bible school in Saskatchewan after graduating from high school. After teaching for a few years both here and in Calgary, my family and I moved to Nairobi, Kenya, in 2004, where we lived and worked at an international Christian school. We ended up staying there for 15 years, and have just repatriated back here in Winnipeg a couple of years ago. I’m thankful for God’s leading in my life, and for the joys and challenges that this life has presented to myself and my family. God is faithful, and so I remain convinced of the central pillars of my faith – that God is love, that we are to be peacemakers in our world, and that growth and learning takes place in the context of community and connection.