Calvin Christian Elementary (K-6) is located on Sutton Ave. in North Kildonan, right next to River East Collegiate. This location allows for easy access to those students who are traveling by RETSD buses or are dropped off by parents on their way to work. The morning bell rings at 8:22 a.m. allowing students to enter the building and get ready for the 8:30 morning announcements. After spending devotional or singing time with their classroom teacher or as a primary/intermediate group, classes begin at 8:50.

044The school day is divided into eight sessions, plus recesses. The breaks come at two different times so that approximately half of the student body occupies the playground at any given time. There are three recesses during the school day.

As a school, our teachers develop their curriculum following all the provincial requirements. What makes us unique from our public school counterparts is that we teach from a Christian perspective. What does that mean? The teaching staff, working as either the primary or intermediate team, or as grade level teachers, have worked through the curriculum and placed it under the spectacles of God’s Word. The students are engaged in the curriculum and understand that our world belongs to God and that, as His people, we are to rejoice in what God has made and bring honor to His name in the way that we live our lives. Our teaching staff appreciate and understand that as educators we must be Christ-like examples to our students and that we are educating them for life. A helpful resource that we employ to give our Christian emphasis a solid framework is Teaching for Transformation, an approach used across the grades.

Along with the core curriculum that is taught, our students also have the opportunity to experience Music, French, Library, Physical Education, Bible and Art.

IMG_5772There is more to Christian education than simply developing curriculum and finding Christian educators. Key to the success of any school is creating a caring and loving environment in which children thrive and learn. Developing this environment takes the commitment of school leadership, the teaching staff, the parent community, and God’s grace. A recent parent survey highlighted the caring staff, positive school culture, and Christian teaching perspective as major strengths of the school.

If you and your child would like to join such a school community, please let us know. We’d be happy to meet with you.

God bless!
John Sawatzky