Student Life

Field Trips

Several times a year our students get the opportunity to experience learning beyond our campus as they visit various places in the city (or beyond) to explore learning outside of the classroom. This is often an opportunity for parents to volunteer and enjoy the excursion as well.

Donwood Manor

Our primary students make a point of walking to a local personal care home several times a year in order to offer a brief program to the senior residents there. Singing songs of worship and bringing greetings helps bridge the generation gap between young and old, and everyone is richer for it.

Calvin Cup Floor Hockey Tournament

Every year our grade 4-6 students are invited to take part in a floor hockey tournament where teammates are chosen from a mix of different grades playing together with a staff member coach. Fun and competition are waiting for any students interested in testing themselves against other teams for the chance to raise the Calvin Cup!

Grade 6 Camp Outing

In their final year at our campus, the grade 6 students are able to spend a few nights at Nutimik Bible Camp in the Whiteshell. This is a unique opportunity to experience outdoor adventures like swimming, mountain biking, tubing and hiking, all the while taking part in worship singing and bible instruction. Often a highlight of everyone’s grade 6 year, don’t miss the Grade 6 Camp Trip!