Teaching for Transformation

A Curriculum Development Framework

For many years Calvin Christian School has implemented the Teaching for Transformation program (TfT) as a helpful framework for integrating a faith perspective in all of the subjects we study. This approach helps teachers and students employ a biblical lens to view all subjects as ways to know God and ourselves more clearly. It also encourages classes to consider tangible ways that can make their faith meaningful in the real world.

Teaching for Transformation is a framework that provides teachers with a template to develop a unit from a Christian perspective. This begins with the biblical truth that “all things belong to God”. At Calvin Christian School, our teachers help expose God’s fingerprint in all things – Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, the Sciences, etc. Sharing about who God is and that he is the “God of all things” does not only happen in a Bible class, it is reflected in all that is done within the school day.

There are 10 Biblical Through Lines that a teacher can select for a given unit:

The Teaching for Transformation framework was developed within the Christian Schools International region to which Calvin belongs, the Prairie Centre for Christian Education. As a school, we value our membership within this region as it has helped Calvin Christian School develop and maintain a high standard in providing quality Christian education to our students. We acknowledge our thanks to the many teachers and administrators who have helped develop and author this teaching framework.

For more information on TfT, please visit: Teachingfortransformation.org