Collegiate Academics

Our vision as an education community is continual growth. We strive for academic excellence, and provide learning opportunities to equip our students to live as Christians in a changing world.

We offer a strong academic program with a full range of required core and elective courses that meet or exceed the requirements of the Manitoba Department of Education & Training at all levels. We are well known for the climate of Christian community and for the supportive learning environment that we have created for our students and families. We exist to provide an education that integrates faith and learning in an intentional and living way. You can count on excellence in the delivery of core subjects:

  • Biblical Studies
  • Language Arts
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Physical & Health Education

In addition, we have extended strong programming into optional subjects, such as:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • Band
  • Art
  • Choir
  • Drama
  • Digital Pictures

Refer to the Course Catalogue for details.

Additional Online Courses - InformNet

As part of our vision to offer quality education to students as they strive for academic excellence, the collegiate campus offers additional scheduling and course options to students through InformNet. InformNet offers full online courses from the Manitoba curriculum for students. These courses provide students with daily instruction, assignments and evaluation through regular email and web-based interaction from a certified high school teacher. Calvin Christian School will provide the course credit once subject requirements are met and costs associated for one credit hour will be covered by the school. Please note that costs are covered only for courses that either are not offered by the school or do not fit into the student’s schedule. Also note that if the course is not completed, is a course taken for an upgraded mark, or if the student fails the online course, the family is responsible for the costs associated.

Support Services

The collegiate campus enjoys the services of a full time Resource Teacher and a staff of Educational Assistants who come alongside students who may benefit from further support in the areas of academics and behavior. A school Guidance Counsellor is also available to those students who may require additional support for a variety of reasons. Speech, Psychology and Social Work support is available through RETSD. Our Academic Guidance Counselor helps students navigate and make decisions about course options as required throughout their high school years.


Students are provided with an opportunity to learn a wide variety of technology skills. We view technology as a useful tool in accomplishing the academic goals we have set out for our students. 

  • Equipped with 2 MAC labs and IT support
  • Classroom Chromebooks for middle years students
  • Grade 7-12 Information and Communication Technology Courses Offered
  • Grade 9-12 1:1 Device Initiative 
  • Excellent Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Internet access for students
  • Internet use Covenant signed by all students

High School Apprenticeship Program (HSAP)

This program allows high school students to work while they are in school and gain credits toward graduation.  Information and assistance in registering for this program is provided by Calvin Christian School and, once registered, our students begin accumulating hours toward a Level I apprentice status. More information is available in the course catalogue.