International Students

Our international student program is undergoing internal review. International student applications are not being accepted at this time. Please check back for the 2024-25 school year.

Calvin Christian School offers a complete full-year academic program with English language support.

Step 1.

Complete the student application forms. A complete application package must include the following items:

  • ISP 002 Application Form
  • ISP 003 Student Homestay Application (if applicable, for Grade 4-12 only)
  • ISP 004 Medical Form
  • ISP 005 Pastoral Reference
  • Custodianship Declaration Form(s) – Custodian & Parent/Guardian (if applicable)
  • Transcripts of the last two school years
  • A letter of recommendation from the previous principal
  • An electronic copy of a recent passport sized photo
  • A non-refundable application fee of $100 CDN

Step 2.

Email the complete student application package to

Step 3.

The principal will decide upon acceptance and placement of the student. Students who are accepted will receive a formal letter of acceptance required by the Canadian Embassy for application for a study permit.

Step 4.  

Students requiring a Homestay family will be provided with information about the family at least two (2) weeks prior to arriving in Winnipeg.

Step 5.

The homestay coordinator and the Homestay family will meet each international student at the Winnipeg International Airport.

Step 6.

School begins!

Interested in being a Homestay family?

Becoming a homestay family is truly a rewarding experience. The Canadian families benefit from learning other cultures, customs and languages. The international students have the opportunity to fully immerse in the English-speaking environment and experience the true Canadian life.

Host families who welcome international students into their home:

  • Grow their understanding of the world and its peoples
  • Make life-long friendships
  • Get to share the beauty of their home and community
  • Receive a generous allowance to offset expense

International students who live with Canadian families:

  • Learn language and the Canadian culture in a healthy, caring environment
  • Get a positive introduction to Canadian family life which encourages many to apply for permanent residency after graduation
  • Become valuable future partners in trade, political relations and global leadership
  • Bring a broader world-view to their communities back home

Things to consider:

Do you have time for a student?

Even the most self-assured students appreciate good quality time with their host family. Will you be in town for the duration of your student’s stay? (Calvin must approve absences of longer than three days.)

Is everyone in your household ready to accept someone with a different background?

If you have children, are they comfortable with bringing another person into the family?

Who are you expecting to host, and when is the best time to host them?

Please note that potential students come to participate in a variety of programs. Some are short term; others will be here for the full school year.

What makes a great homestay?

Simple: a sensitive and patient family.

It can be overwhelming for a student to be so far away from home. A thoughtful host family appreciates that each student is unique, and that communication and mutual understanding take effort. Our hosts are interested in sharing their lifestyle in a positive and mutually rewarding way. We do not accept hosts who are interested in money alone. These motives are obvious to students and interfere with the intended homestay experience: a safe, secure, welcoming environment to learn and grow in.

It would be beneficial to have one of your children be of similar age to the homestay student.

How to become a Homestay Family

Complete the Homestay Family Application Form and submit it to:

Calvin Christian School
245 Sutton Ave.
Winnipeg, MB R2G 0T1
Fax: 204-339-3280

The Homestay Coordinator will contact you to arrange a visit to your home. All household members over 18 years old must complete a Provincial Child Abuse Registry Access Application to be forwarded by Calvin Christian School to the Child Abuse Registry Unit for verification.

In addition, each household member over 18 years old is required to complete a Criminal Record Check. We will notify you with regards to application approval or rejection.

Homestay Fee

A fee of $750 per month is paid to each homestay family and includes room and board for international students. In addition, homestay families are expected to involve international students in various activities throughout the school period.

Homestay Responsibilities

  • Provide a private bedroom, desk and closet for the student;
  • Provide nutritious meals every day (meal plans may vary);
  • Check on school progress of the international students;
  • Contact international family by email periodically;
  • Maintain a record of student’s spending and monitor their pocket money;
  • Participate in recommended community activities and visits on the Recommended Activities list for International Students;
  • Take them to your church and encourage them spiritually.

Calvin Christian School will provide a copy of the Homestay Guide to each homestay family prior to the beginning of the school year or semester.

Program Support

  • Homestay families have the opportunity to meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss concerns, progresses and share their experiences.
  • The International Student Program website provides details of the program, updates and upcoming events. Homestay families can also exchange information on the forum.
  • Homestay Coordinator and Director of International Student Program are available to answer questions and help address any concerns homestay families may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Just cook as you normally do for your family. You can try cooking some foreign dishes but it is not expected for you to go out of your way. There are supermarkets where you can purchase authentic foods.

Yes. Homestay parents have the authority to sign permission slips for field trips and school activities.

All international students must purchase a health insurance plan. This is the responsibility of the parents of the student.

Students are NOT allowed to attend a sleep over. You can allow your student to have a friend sleep over at your home.

Please report the incidents to the Homestay Coordinator, the school as well as the Director of International Student Program. The international students will be treated as any other students in the school should any bad behaviour occur.

It is preferred but not mandatory. International students can share a bedroom with no more than one (1) child in the household. However, each international student must have his/her own bed and a place to study.

They can call home at their discretion in the first couple of weeks after their arrival. After that, they should only be calling home once a week.

Yes. They are to be treated just like your own children. If your kids have household chores so should they.

Generally, an international student can travel to the U.S.A. if

  • he/she is granted a visitor visa from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services ( OR
  • he/she is a permanent resident in the USA who holds a green card OR
  • he/she is a U.S. citizen

For information regarding application for a U.S. visitor visa (B-2), please visit U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services website mentioned above.

When staying with a Homestay family, the Homestay parents become the legal guardian of the student.